It's not a zamboni, it's an . . . Olympia!

Ok, what does a zamboni and kleenex have in common? According to Gary (the groom)...a zomboni is a brand name for those really big ice hockey machine thingamajigees, just like kleenex is a brand name for...tissues! So what does this mean? It means that not all ice hockey machine thingamajigees are called zambonis. And this is important stuff for Kerri and Gary, who first met while working at the Jefferson City ice arena and visited their old stomping (or skating..hee hee) grounds on their wedding day for a private spin on the zamb...I mean...the Olympia!

We stopped at a few other spots too, including date spot Paddy Malone's where, as often happens, some of the best shots of the day were unplanned (yet another reason why Amy and I thrive on a photojournalistic approach to weddings). It would be hard to explain (so I won't try) how I missed the very large Missouri state capitol behind me while making pictures of Kerri and Gary in the opposite direction toward Paddy Malone's. But Becca, who was assisting me, spotted it; we turned and wow! Love those shots.
To see what an Olympia looks like, to see some great views of our state capitol (where Amy's husband Paul works), and to enjoy the song that Kerri & Gary chose for their first dance, check out their album:

  • Kerry & Gary's Album
  • Loving summer & wedding season! ~kim