isn't she lovely . . .

2 things I will never forget:

When Paul's parents (Mike & Kathy Wagner) first came into the room after Avery was born, Kathy took one look at Paul holding that brand-new Avery and said,
"and NOW you know how much we love you"

When I awoke that next morning Paul was humming/singing and practically twirling (?) to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely".
He confessed, with the broadest smile I'd ever seen on his face:
"every time I've thought of her, that song fills my head"

We've actually called it "Avery's Song" ever since.
And all of our kids can pick it out of a fleeting radio station scan or grocery store muzac in little over a measure.
"Hey, this is Avery's song!" they announce.

Each time I hear it, I find myself going back in time, seeing Paul's smile,
hearing Kathy's words
realizing that I understood exactly what she meant.

I love being with couples in love.
It lifts my spirits and puts so many other things in perspective.

But seeing Andy & Cindy Jira with Madison ~
even more powerful and perspective-granting.

Coincidentally, this shoot took place on Cindy & Andy's wedding anniversary.
Here they are November 2002:

to see
how they've

It's the Welcome to the World, Madison Jira show.

Those are some FANTASTIC parents you've got there, girl.

the time
has gone

~ amy enderle