is it spring yet? family photos at Governor Gardens in Jefferson City, Missouri

oh how WONDERFUL to be shooting again....
like so much in this part of the country, photography here (at least out-of-doors photography) can feel downright seasonal. and though today it's a 20 degree day, YESTERDAY it was a blustery 70 (whoot!-WHOOT!!)

we met up the Governor's Gardens in Jefferson City knowing that there would be a wee bit of shelter overhead if we needed it and basically, i just followed the kids' lead.

below: kids convincing mom to get on board with the Charlie's-Angels-Thing. . .
the old stone archways are fun to play (and peek) around....

wanted to give the "old school" look a try with an image from this series, too . . . . . not sure yet if i love this "aged sepia" look more than "standard-issue black and white" but am having a few printed to evaluate
but here are things i know FOR SURE:
1. jamie has fun FUN shoes
[i'd be what....6'3" in these? -- yet, oh, i'm tempted!)

2. what a unique ring! Jamie said the stone was "LENS CUT" (perhaps the same as LIGHTHOUSE CUT? ~ hmmm, any Silver Lining jewelry buff type readers out there?) and it matches the wedding dress she'll be wearing soon! oh i can't wait!

3. my favorite kind of mom moment:4. and my favorite kind of posed family shot, too....

Q. is there anything better than a big squeezey group hug?!

A. yes! big squeezer group hug right after filling up on Central Diary cones + treats!

great people = great times!
thanks you guys!
(and a big think you to my 8-year-old assistant yesterday . . . zoe you were, what's the word?, FANTABULOUS! -- thanks, zo!)
~ amy