in the neighborhood

Just a block from our house is a gem of a little neighborhood park called Stewart Park. It's been my kids' favorite spot for impromptu soccer and baseball games, picnics, hikes along....or in....the creek, wildlife sightings (including a very large snapping turtle!) and leaf tossing. Elliot and I spent one warm May afternoon on his 6th birthday sitting on a large flat rock by the creek reading Harry Potter and seeing if we could actually CATCH a water strider (the answer, after experimenting with several different 2-person techniques is...yes!)

Lindsey and Kevin agreed to meet me at Stewart Park (on a very VERY crisp Saturday morning) for their engagement session, and wow! Stewart Park is ablaze with Fall. I am excited to document Lindsey & Kevin's wedding next July. Amy and I are so very lucky; we work with amazing couples; and making pictures of Lindsey & Kevin last weekend, I was reminded of this all over again.

~kim wade