in the arms of those who love you

brianne + eric had a tropical destination wedding with sun, sand and sandals right here in mid-Missouri. And oh my, was it BEAUTIFUL! The ceremony took place on the beach at The Lodge of Four Seasons:

. . . the flower arrangements by Alan-Anderson's Just Fabulous! flower shop (out of Ashland) were exquisite . . . flowers and greenery spilled out of buckets at the ceremony, and each bridesmaid carried a different arrangement (look, amy! my very own grid :'):

but what REALLY made brianne and eric's wedding over-the-top-beautiful were the RELATIONSHIPS . . . with one another, of couse, but also among their friends and families.

I once went to a workshop led by Margaret J. Wheatley, a brilliant writer, speaker and consultant in organizational and social change. Wheatley has said:

"Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone."

And isn't this what weddings are ALL ABOUT?! . . . strengthening the relationships among couples, friends, families. It's what makes the heart of a wedding photojournalist beat fast . . . seeing the helping hands, the love and laughter among friends:

. . . and parents . . . just look at the many ways that love between parents and children expressed itself at brianne + eric's wedding:

. . . and speaking of children:

. . . also, the minister, a dear friend of Brianne's family, came from colorado to lead the ceremony and gave one of the most moving statements on love and relationships that I've heard (by the way, the photo of him below and the one of eric dancing with his mom above were both made by ashley turner, fellow photographer and friend):

. . . and i can't get enough of looking at the smiles on eric and brianne's faces during the ceremony:

so brianne and eric, thanks for including SilverBox in your wedding. i felt honored to be part of this circle of people.

i especially love this picture of brianne and eric above . . . it's a truly documentary moment . . . unposed . . . take a look at the expression on eric's face.

brianne + eric's wedding slideshow is well worth a click, so be sure to see it here. And by the way, my favorite line from the song ("next to me" by the subdudes) that this slideshow is set to is this:

"in the arms of those who love you, that's where you'll find your home."

how true! :')