how it's supposed to be

Twelve years ago, while driving through the lush green hills surrounding Rocheport, Missouri, I suddenly KNEW it was time to come home. Fortunately, David -- my then-fiance and now-husband (and a Michigan guy) whom I was living with in New Mexico (whew...are you keeping track?) -- agreed to come too! We were married in a small country church outside Rocheport the following summer and moved back to Columbia (my hometown) a year later.

Jen and Jon did it in the reverse; they moved back to Missouri (from Texas) first and then were married two months later at Les Bourgeois' Blufftop Bistro overlooking the Missouri River in the most GLORIOUS light a couple (and photographer...) could ask for on a wedding day!

Jen and Jon wanted the COMPLETE Les Bourgeois

& Rocheport

experience . . . including a stroll through the vineyards

and a trip into Rocheport with the entire wedding party to visit the new Rocheport General Store (which just opened this August and is owned by friends Kim Phillips and Stacey Karabegovic, two fellow Grant Elementary School moms!).
It's a store and MORE! You can sip a glass of the store's house wine at the copper-topped bar (which the groomsmen did), eat locally-made mint ice cream from a glass dish, shop for basics like cereal, milk, fruits & vegetables AND indulge in all sorts of yummy hard-to-find gourmet treats (organic chocolates, cheeses, coffees, creams). This store is always hopping. (You can read a little about it here at the Rocheport General Store's fledgling blog


So welcome home to Missouri, Jen and Jon. IS this how it's "supposed" to be? In love? Pledging your commitment surrounded by friends & family (with the help of a minister who traveled from Oklahoma and who's known Jon since childhood)? Bathed in glorious golden evening light? Perched atop a bluff with the mighty Missouri River spread out below? . . . I dunno . . . but I'm pretty sure that Jen and Jon wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

Take a look at Jen & Jon's Album

and enjoy the day!