how cute is THIS!

holy cow this was fun!

these are little business card size magnets ~
oh i can't wait to see (+ hold!) 'em!

and look at me developing a little photoshop skill. impressed?
too cute for words i tell you . . . 

and speaking of cute words:  here's a new Silver Lining thing.
but first (wait for it) -- the background story.

for many years instead of sending a "holiday letter" paul + i enclosed an "overheard" column ~ mostly just stuff our kids said that cracked us up. 
we'd email each other conversations we had with the kids and then at year's end (or sometime within a few months of that) we'd sift and mine. fun times!
i actually had friends call last year and say "got your card, but where's Overheard?" ~ and well, we didn't get one enclosed THIS YEAR either . . . so i'm going to start sharing them here. good plan? see, this afternoon on the way home from school, zoe (9) uttered a classic:

i tried that dried mango you got. NOT good. it's like an INSULT to a mango. 

here's to keeping it real!

PS see this picture sans-calendar HERE in a "sneak peek from hopetown"