[HOLD!] on a beautiful sunday!

wow. haven't seen a sunday this beautiful since Hold That Hug! (event slideshow HERE:  www.SilverBoxPhotographers.com/HUG !)

picture taken by SilverBox spouse david bones (aka kim's husband)

in last sunday's paper, there was a nice article by irene haskins about our hold that hug! tribute.

it was a big playdate at the park.
kids were climbing trees.
friends reconnected.
neighborhood musicians made music.
and LOTS of pictures (and memories!) were created.
in sum, it was pretty much everything we'd hoped.
over 500 people came.
sarah becking is a well-loved gal.
(and for all the right reasons!)
we have too many favorites to post.
BUT they're ALL online HERE and many many many of them are in the slideshow you'll find HERE.
(it will take a bit to load - but oh OH it's so worth it!)
and oh my stars, how can we NOT share just a few . . .
how delighted DELIGHTED we were to see becky and justin (and landon!) farmer
(they came in from kansas city for the festivities) ~
married over 5 and a half years ago, becky + justin were one of my original Boonville couples.
hold that hug! was my first chance to meet landon farmer and oh, i LOVE THAT LITTLE MAN!
speaking of lil' men we love, do you remember Baby Oliver? ~ ahhhh look at him so far past that lil' potato stage:
(if there was voting the little-potato-BABY OLIVER SLIDESHOW would certainly be in the Top 5.)
and how fabulous does kimberly look in this picture!
oh we've loved his family since before oliver was even a glimmer in the eye!
one of the first weddings kim and i documented together?
(so THIS was long before SilverBox was even a glimmer-in-the-eye) . . .
alex and kim are approaching THEIR 5th anniversary! ~ oh look at them now!!
and speaking of KIM WADE, have you met HER crew?:
kim + david's daughter, lil' Miss Thang, sophie bones,
might be one of my favorite little people in the whole world.
i LOVE this image i captured of soph + david:
and here's kim, shooting in the background (making pictures of melissa + guy's family, actually)
and our friend and sometimes SilverBox shooter: ashley turner in the foreground.
(photo by abbie brown who, we're excited to say, will be assisting us a bit soon!)
abbie, we think THIS image is one of the strongest of the day. wow. GREAT capture!
one more cute picture OF ashley BY abbie:
it was so fun to see abbie's images.
(you'll find them and a few of ours, too, under the "event overview" gallery in the hold that hug! section)
abbie documented the celebration (abbie is on the far left) . . .
while the rest of us made pictures of families who dropped by.
[standing next to abbie, far left:
- and then there's kim and me on the end]
the result is that in the hold that hug! slideshow you'll see a whole lot of this "behind-the-scenes PLUS main event" combo:
what fun!
here's the amazingly talented sara fougere + family (she catered avery's bon voyage party. mmmmmm!)
oh and the davis family. we LOVE the davis family!!!*
anastasia pottinger (but we can't help but call her stacie) created this davis family photo and it's JUST PERECT!
and look! kim wade (best business partner ever!) made THIS of stacie's family. gotta love that!!!
[fyi: the last time stacie and i shot together was when her nephew got married. see THAT SLIDESHOW here!]
in addition to the image of stacie, linda and the boys, here's another one of my favorites from kim that afternoon:
and oh, THIS is fun.
our neighbors to the LEFT stopped by:
AS DID our neighbors to the RIGHT (with grandkids in tow!)
kim's "oldest friend" and his wife (and darling kids!!) recently moved from NY to right here in our neighborhood! hooray!!!!
and LOOK how CUTE they are!!
did someone say CUTE? OMG look at this little man:

HIS MOM is the reason gina + chris jolly (married in maine!) found us and we're so thankful for it!! lg patterson made this picture, and my favorite of HIS that afternoon is probably THIS:


it's tough to pick favorites, though.

LOOK at THIS that ashley capture:


grandmas and their grandkids share a pretty special love!

special at any age:


gosh i could go on and on (and on!) ~ but i guess the thing kim and i mostly want to say is THANKS.

kim came up the idea for hold that hug! the day after we learned that sarah died.
we're still sad.
and mad.
and sad.
but planning for this day in the park really gave us someplace to direct our grief.
and none of it would have happened without the team.
and WOW what a team they are.
Thank you, EVERYONE.
the only way the afternoon could have been more perfect would be if sarah herself were there with us.
but when i see this slideshow, it somehow almost feels like she was.
hug somebody you love.
and have FUN today!
* my favorite post-event note actually came from julie.
i haven't asked her, but i'm sharing it here ANYWAY (b/c that's how i am)
it came in an email entitled HOLY COW! ~ that julie is a HOOT! - if you don't know her, you should!
she wrote:

What a great event. The park just seemed really full of love and family and all those wonderful things. I hope it was a comfort to Sarah’s family – or that it was at least a fun diversion for them. Mostly, though, I wanted to tell you that this is the first ever picture of our family. Now, really – I should know better, should have taken care of this, etc. But I THANK YOU and your colleagues for giving me a very good reason to do it. I already know how important a picture like this can be because there is exactly one photograph of my entire birth family (my mother, father, sister, brother and me). My father died when I was 7, my sister was 3-1/2 and my brother was 1. The one photo we have is a tiny blurry shot of us on the dock at a place called (ironically) “Contentment Bluff”. That photo is also the only photo of our father holding my brother. You can’t see faces and it’s a pretty terrible picture but it’s a treasure nonetheless. I’ve followed the story of the Beckings through their friends who are my friends, such as you. My heart has ached for those children because there is a part of me that still feels the pain of that little girl I was when my father died. The best help we received as a family was all those folks who surrounded us with care and love in the years following my dad’s death. Even today I will occasionally receive an email from an old friend of my father’s who will send me a photo he dug up along with the story behind it. (A recent favorite was a picture of them in their Kerouac phase after they’d read and loved “On The Road” - yikes!). My point? You folks did a great job honoring your friend and reminding all of us to cherish our families. Thank you so much. Julie PS Stacie was a familiar face from Grant but I loved getting to actually meet her!



and here's one final footnote from me:
the beckings sort of have a soundtrack, and oh do i LOVE that soundtrack.
on the hold that hug! slideshow, the first song: a becking classic.
the MIDDLE SONG is by a musician annika and i met at mary jane + tim's wedding.
(btw their wedding pictures will be our very next post!)
adam stanley is TERRIFIC and is actually offering this song as a free download HERE.
he plays in columbia every once in awhile.