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Hemlock Goods :: Bandanas with flair!


Recently commercial photography projects have been bringing us so much joy. There is something immensely satisfying about helping other business owners promote their product/service/create in a visual and beautiful way. Our good friend, Beth Snyder, just launched her 3rd business and quite frankly, we’re bowing down in awe. You may recognize her original brand, 1canoe2, as a mogul in the paper goods and stationary world. Her new, creative take on the bandana has us wanting one in every color. Beth introduced her new brand, Hemlock Goods, on her instagram to friends and fans with the following:

Hi friends! Today I have some BIG news! I’ve been hinting at it a bit here but now it’s official! If you follow me here you probably know how much I like to make things. Maybe pottery, or block-printing, letterpress, paper marbling, or quilting. Most days I just want to rush back home to my studio and keep working on whatever project is sitting on the table waiting for me. I founded 1canoe2 out of the sheer excitement of making “a thing” and sharing it on Etsy. It’s with that same spirit that I’ve created a new company: Hemlock Goods (@hemlockgoods) I couldn’t find a colorful, artistically designed bandana—so I made my own! If you’re into it, I’m looking for Bandana Ambassadors! I cant wait to see people wearing them out in the world! Click over to @hemlockgoods for all the details.

View and purchase your bandanas from the website, https://hemlockgoods.com/. We love seeing Beth’s artistry come to life through our photographs!