have you SEEN . . .

[ note the suspense ]
soon (relatively soon) ~ SilverBox unleashes a new look. and we're nearly as excited as kids on christmas eve.
the designer who created it? a very clever canadian who's website + blog you've just gotta see. oh what fun!
and here's what i just found on this GIRL NAME FRED's blog:

obamicon.me! [or your favorite muppet for that matter]

fred reports first finding it HERE
on the "how about orange" blog.
so if you were looking for a little friday distraction,
look no further!:
1. remake yourself via Shephard Fairey.
2. see the cool things our newest designer friend concocts
AND the cool places she takes you; AND
3. get deliriously lost in the yummy how-about-orange . . .

whew! and you were merely going to peek at WE were up to.

no chance, baby.

hugs to all!
amy + kim