happy happy new year :: Amy + Ryan = first SilverBox engagement pictures of 2009

amy + ryan found SilverBox via the internet and booked us by phone (they live in Oklahoma and are getting married in Missouri at Les Bourgeois Bistro this coming May).

So our engagement session was my FIRST chance to meet them in person. Hiking around Capen Park with the two of them on a VERY crisp winter afternoon reminded me again: "yes! THIS is why i love photography. THIS is why i'm photographing weddings!" Hangin' with new folks who right away feel like old friends . . . seeing old hangouts in fresh new ways. . . finding color and light in the dead of winter.

Check out a few of my favs:

and by the way . . . I'm blogging from Pittsburgh, where i'm visiting my dear friend, Helen.

If you've never been to Pittsburgh, you should visit! I LOVE this town.


~ banana and walnut pancakes at Pamela's restaurant in Squirrel Hill

~ photographs by Clyde Hare at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Clyde Hare spent 4 decades photographing urban renewal in Pittsburgh . . . he met Roy Stryker (who headed up the Farm Security Administration's efforts to document the Great Depression) at a photographic workshop in Missouri . . . Stryker later invited Hare to Pittsburgh to work with him on the Pittsburgh Photographic Library Project in the 1950s. Check out some of Hare's photographs here

~independent films at Regent Square Theater (we saw I've Loved You So Long)

~coffee at Trader Joe's

~belgian beer at Sharp Edge beer emporium

~Nationality Rooms at University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning . . . we're talking over 26 college classrooms designed to represent specific historical eras from countries all over the world: 5th century Greece . . . 18th century China . . .

~polish hill, squirrel hill, 3 rivers 446 bridges!

So much art and education and funk and energy. Is there a SilverBox couple who wants to get married in Pittsburgh? i'll be there in a heartbeat.