hApPY, HapPy, haPpY day

I found myself thinking over and over again during Chase & Ashley's wedding: "I sure hope my kids grow up to be like that!" Hats off to the Patton & Guy families (care to share any parenting secrets?!) for raising two amazing young adults who are not only accomplished but also kind, humble, hardworking and completely dedicated to one another & their families.

It was a hApPY, HapPy, haPpY day! How lucky that couples planning weddings in Columbia now have the option of marrying in Stephens' Firestone Baars Chapel (which Adam, Ashley's brother, decorated so BEAUTIFULLY ~ check out the draping in the photos below!) and then walking across the courtyard with their guests (no transportation needed!) to the newly renovated Kimball Ballroom.

Want to see?! Click here for Ashley & Chase's wedding slideshow.

Note: You'll need QuickTime Player to view it. If you already have QuickTime on your computer, just click on the link above. If not, good news! Both Mac and PC users can download a free version of the software by clicking here: Free QuickTime Player Download

. Once you've got Quicktime, the slideshow may take a sec to load...you can pass the time wondering "why is Chase holding a shovel during Tom Guy's toast? hmmm... AND scrolling down for a few of my favorite pics:

By the way, thanks goes to Karen and Jennifer who assisted me. Karen sewed a button back on to Chase's jacket after it popped off during his and Ashley's balloon-filled exit from the chapel; Jennifer carted stools & ladders despite being in her third trimester (she's due in July); and both made wonderful photos.