Happiness....in any kind of light

What a joy it was to spend a late afternoon with Tracey & Ben.

On the phone Tracey suggested we start our shooting session at Ben's work "and then we'd like to pack a picnic ~ we eat outside. That's us. It's what we do."

No way could I have dreamed up more beautiful environments, or more pleasant people with whom to share them.

And oh, the LIGHT!!
This time of day is called "God's light" for a reason. Wow.

Confession: It's the laughter I REALLY love, but whew, that light takes a close second.
Sometimes though, try as we might, the Golden Hour just doesn't make it's way into the day.

Kim & I have committed ourselves this season to "creating" the ambiance of great light, even those times when great light (or dramatic light, or flattering light, or heck, even interesting light) is nowhere to be "found".

Sure, with Tracey & Ben, we walked and the sun twinkled. But clearly, that's not always the case. Achieving Great Light is our new SilverBox artistic pursuit. As I type this we're packing our bags...heading off to Indianapolis to shoot beside and learn from a real lighting master. Zack Arias (who's flying in from Atlanta) is a guru of great lighting...and now, instead of just drooling over his amazing images, we're going to get the chance to learn from him first hand.

We can hardly wait!

And would be soooo remiss if we didn't thank our AMAZING HUSBANDS for handling so much while we're away. OK, AND my mom. She is coming to town to fill in...complete with making a Caterpillar Cake for the school carnival. Now that's a mother's love!

all of which reminds me just how lucky I am.
~ Clients I love to photograph (and heck, feel lucky to even know!!) AND
~ a great family who's love & support make it possible for me spend the time it takes to discover what makes the couples we photograph sparkle (in any kind of light.)

Life is good.

Click here to see more Tracey & Ben and to happily step back in time with this song. Can you name that tune?? OH, and watch all the way to the end. The DAY BEFORE this shoot, Tracey & Ben bought their FIRST HOUSE. Can't imagine ending the photo session at a more meaningful place:

Love it. Love it. Love it!

~ amy