Hannah :: Rock Bridge SR'19

Columbia, MO Senior Portraits

Hannah is get-things-done ambitious! She's a loyal friend and gifted athlete. Softball has given Hannah the opportunity to travel all over the US, explore new places, and meet new people. That's where this gregarious girl thrives! When she isn't on the field, you can find Hannah in the pool or catching a movie with her bests. Hannah knows a thing or two about hard work (and it's showing in those arms, girl #bodygoals). Next year she's going to bat for Oklahoma Christian University's softball team. Hannah plans to pursue a career in physical therapy. Hannah :: Rock Bridge SR'19

Hair and Makeup by Nicole of Bespoke Hair Company


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • Outgoing, hardworking, athletic   future plans • playing softball at Oklahoma Christian University weirdly passionate about • conspiracy theories "last meal" • five cheese marinara on whole wheat linguine  circus act • rolling her tongue into a 3-leaf clover  loves SilverBox Seniors because • SilverBox goes beyond the photographs and it becomes personal.