remember the KoolAid mom?

castles out of boxes in the yard?!
all the kids come running!
the sun was shiny, the kool-aid pitcher (with red sugar drink) smiling.
she was the greatest mom around!
i do believe i KNOW HER!

here are a few scenes from a "front yard" play
an incredibly creative, beautifully acted, wonderfully original front yard play to which friends and neighbors were invited. it was called "hairy tales" because every song, dance and skit had something to do with hair: Rafunzel, who let down her hair from way up here:

the Hairspray number and even The Emperor's New Hair (that's his flowing-mane reflection in the "mirror"):

i can't remember the last time i had more fun

the kool-aid mom is MARRIED to royalty:

and has kindred kool-aid mom-spirit friends with quite the 'do!

loved by all!

more SilverBox stuff coming soon.
And more HairyTales pictures posted on our new ZenFolio gallery. We're still pictage gals, but wanted a good neighborhood, community events type on-line option. ZenFolio to the rescue! See not only the cast + crew but Bennian baseball and Show-Me State Soccer here, too, if you're in the mood.