hailey + adam ~ columbia, missouri wedding by SilverBox Photographers

hailey and adam's big day was a feast for the eyes and the heart! check out their slideshow by clicking here, or read on to see a few of our favorites first!

what i find so thrilling about wedding photography is that we have the chance to create inspired, magazine-worthy pictures that fall into 3 VERY DIFFERENT categories:

~ documentary "found" moments (pictures created with no photographer direction)

~ scenic and detail shots, from big panoramic scene setters, to the tiniest details like lace on a veil

~ "spirited" posing (sometimes with "found" locations and/or a bit of photographer-direction, like: "hey let's try this)

in other words, as wedding photographers, we don't just specialize in one area, we're challenging ourselves to make exciting pictures in each and every area.


because we want to tell the WHOLE story. start to finish. grand to intimate. and with hailey and adam's wedding, we were thrilled with picture-making opportunities in ALL THREE areas.

take a look at what i mean . . . here are some favorites in that ARTISTIC DETAILS category. hailey took a risk on color scheme; she paired two bold colors and WOW, in all caps, did it pay off! red church door, red dress sash, red shoes . . . stunning! by the way, pairing details above with documentary shots like these 2 below in a wedding album spread is a beautiful, visually rich way to to tell their wedding story: and just look at how those colors work in the next category: SPIRITED POSING. we often get folks who ask: "now, we know you do documentary photography, but do you also do some posed shots?" to which we say: "absolutely! and we want those pictures to be a FUN stress-free part of your day." we scout out spots that are visually compelling ~ "found" locations that add interest to a picture, whether it's an alley, an archway, a sign, a window . . . . love these close-ups by annika . . . she found window light and put it to work! and when natural light isn't enough, we've added a kiss of off-camera, artificial light . . . and more dynamic posing . . . check out annika's picture on the right (as well as  the lead photo in this blog post) . . . incredible angle . . . sometimes ya gotta get lowand sometimes ya gotta get up and photograph from above, as she's done here: and of course, there's that third category: FOUND MOMENTS, those pictures that reach out and grab us . . . hailey seeing herself in the mirror for the first time with veil on, or her dad seeing HER for the first time, dressed and ready! and her dad giving her away with one big bear hug moments later, annika captured this scene setting image with the fisheye from the balcony and more hugs during the ceremony, this time with grandparents and oh the joy of having two shooters: annika strikes gold with this horizontal close-up, while i step back to show more context in the vertical shot below and talk about found moments at the reception! (AND a chance to catch up with past SilverBox clients . . . groomsman, mark, speaks his mind (he and his wife corey are a  SilverBox couple and NOW parents!) . . . and that guy to his left: the brother of SilverBox bride katie from palmyra . . . and more SilverBox folks below, SilverBox bride, morgan, in the left-hand photo (whose husband eric was one of adam's groomsmen) laughs as eric's mom takes a dollar dance spin with adam . . . and that's SilverBox bride, corey, on the right in the coral dress, about to take a dollar dance spin of her own . . . and more "found moments" from the reception, all aided with a bit of dramatic, off-camera lighting for flair hailey and adam . . . sweethearts for . . . well, i heard 10 years, then 11 . . . and by the end of the evening, the crowd swore they'd been together for 12 years before taking that walk down the aisle . . . whatever the timeframe, it was worth the wait! Congrats you two!

and hey, since you've waited this long, ya might as well watch this wedding day slideshow for the entire story!


p.s. hee, hee . . . couldn't resist the chance to take you behind-the-scenes with some "wedding support staff" :') that's dj aaron rose who kept the party hopping . . . and cupcake in hand, no doubt doing a bit of food styling for the next photo, is our very own SilverBox star, annika, . . . can you tell that we LoVE what we do?!!!