Grossmann Family :: Go Team! Go Mom!


Hurray for Karen! She's had the item "get-professional-photos-of-my-family" on her "mom to-do list" for . . .  well . . . years. I suspect just about every mom reading this post (myself included) has been in that exact same boat. Yep, it's a pretty big boat, with a lot of us moms running around on deck, snapping pics of our kids by putting ourselves BEHIND the camera but rarely stepping in front of it. But check it out: Karen called, we picked one of her favorite spots along the Katy Trail, and whoila! She did it! Family photos? Checked right off that old list. AND to celebrate, we dialed up a rainbow for the very end of the shoot . . . seriously! Scroll down for proof! So for the rest of us who really wanna take a page out of Karen's book? SilverBox & Hoot's annual Short + Sweet photo session is coming up Sunday, October 13. We'll host a series of fun and EASY 25-minute photo sessions at a private property just south of Rock Bridge State Park. Just in time for holiday cards and gifts. Only four spots left, so click here for more info. Go moms!