Greta McNamee :: Rock Bridge SR'20

Columbia, MO Senior Portraits


Meet Greta! She’s charismatic, well-spoken, and her whole face lights up when she sees a dog. Plus, she rocks the cutest glasses! Greta enjoys challenging her mind (she’s learning 3 languages!) and being organized. Greta participates in show choir and truly finds her bliss while singing and performing. After high school, Greta is most likely to be found studying her heart out (so responsible!) while eating a chicken quesadilla. Greta McNamee :: Rock Bridge SR'20

Greta McNamee.jpg


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as •  driven, responsible, charismatic last meal • a delicious, authentic Mexican chicken quesadilla with sides of sour cream, guacamole, and pico de gallo dream job • I would love to either be a diplomat or work with dogs! obligation-free weekend plans •  I’d be off and on playing piano, hanging out with my dog, hanging out with my best friend, boyfriend, and reading.  loves serving the world by •  It’s really small, but I like trying to make customers happy at my job by being a positive person. It makes me very happy to see people leave happier than they came in. I love SilverBox because • they produced really beautiful pictures for my sister! It’s the prettiest I’ve ever seen her look and they captured it super well.