Gracie :: Rock Bridge SR'18

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We interrupt your Friday scrolling to present you with one stunning senior, Gracie-Annalysse. Gracie blew me away with her style, her poise, and her beautiful green eyes. She is a talented dancer and dreams of living in LA while pursuing a career in dance. Gracie has a passion for writing, baking vegan desserts, and her faith. I loved her authentic personality and her big heart.

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student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • authentic, compassionate, faith filled unusual talent • I love to bake vegan desserts weirdly passionate about • Writing! I love to write about anything that inspires me because I feel it will be super cool to look back on one day! last meal • Honey Balsamic Brussels sprouts, Sweet Potato Cubes, and Corn Bread most like to visit • Bora Bora loves SilverBox Seniors because • Clarity of pics, the background colors are perfect for the subject and the final touches that make the eyes pop, teeth bright, and complexion flawless! Absolutely EVERYTHING!

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