girl stuff . . .

Was able to get together for some girl time this past weekend at a quiet little resort in Innsbrook, Missouri

[about 45 minutes from the St. Louis airport.] We giggled about our college days, shared stories & dilemmas, went for a walk along the nature trail & swam in the lake. Pictured here: the dock we could see from our condo's window. Innsbrook is a real gem...Tracey who had one of the most unique and fabulous weddings I've ever attended or photographed said, "Oh, I wish Mark & I would have considered getting married HERE." Now THAT'S a compliment!!

Brenda, my favorite roommate ever!, traveled from Tampa, Florida. Andrea made the trip from San Antonio, Texas sort of . . . she & daughters are spending the summer in Lansing, Michigan while husband Mike is serving as a hospital doc. in Iraq. I can't even imagine. Jena & Tracey who both live & work in the Washington DC area flew in on the same flight. A glowing Ann, whose NEW BABY will be here before the leaves change, lives in St. Louis and identified Innsbrooke as the reunion locale. It was a winner!

It was a little less than 2 days together but so sooo good to re-connect. Our lives and to some degree, perspectives have changed but what remains the same is how lucky I feel to be in the company of these women. From right: Tracey, Jena, Brenda, me, Andrea & Ann.
Ronzas remain the Best Reunion Food on the planet. A big thanks to Brooke of Originals Paper Art

[whose studio is located in Kirksville, home not only of our alma mattter: Truman State, but Pagliai's Pizza, the REAL Ronza Makers] for combining food delivery with personal delivery of a few Originals Box Sets. [Last Minute Blog Addition...GASP! who knew Pagliai's was a franchise??, here's the www scoop.]

BUT, back to our Originals Box Sets,

I have Blaire and Ryan's OBS ready for delivery. Ryan and Blaire

were married in JUNE, and though I'm sad about it, I'm now realizing I may not have even jotted down an entry about their amazing wedding. Sorry for being so very inconsistent. It seems what makes it to the Silver Lining vs. what remains clouded in other thoughts has more to do with time to breathe than anything else.

BUT, even though it means skipping way out of line, I feel the desire to relay this thought in the here and now:
When I came back from the fun-filled Innsbrook reunion, I created engagement portraits of Tim & Lynn

who live & work in Kenya, but were back in the States for a friend's wedding and to do a little wedding planning of their own.
Lynn has been in Africa 7 or 8 months and Tim has lived and worked in Africa for several years. In commenting on life-lessons-learned of late, Lynn explained that she works with people on a daily basis who have experienced sadness and hardship to the extent that most of us will never know, yet these same people lead joy-filled & joyful lives. Happy and joyful for all that they have rather than sad or longing for that which they don't.

That's silver lining of the purest kind.
Those words and that life-approach will be in my head for a long long time.
Hoping all is well in your world ~ amy