Garrett & Chris...their wedding, their way

and now the third of three...
LAST, but by no means, the least....
Getting back to those "3 weddings in 7 days" ~ whew, it's official, it's a wrap!!
And ohhh, aaahhh, some of these images are AMAZING.

The background: My photographer-friend STACIE POTTINGER

[click her name; see one of my favorite Pottinger pieces] called toward the end of last summer saying, "Amy, we want to hire you to document our nephew's wedding BUT the couple is thinking June". I remember replying: "Stace, this could only work IF they're wedding is on a Sunday." And I feel SO LUCKY that the couple [AKA Chris & Garrett] said, "then Sunday it is!"

Oh, how I LOVED spending the day with them!! Stacie shot, too -- so she was wedding-photographer AND teary-eyed-aunt AND mom of small children in attendance. Chris & Garrett planned a late-Sunday-afternoon outdoor ceremony with family & the closest of friends, but guess how they spent their day? Oh hey, you need not can SEE THEIR SLIDESHOW

[ooh, except it's only a partial's just their "first meeting" part...with some of Stacie's shots as well as mine.]

They had their "quiet moment/first meeting" at the Governor's Garden. A perfect spot! Then they ventured toward the old [but still operating] train depot before setting off to the local ice-cream counter. Central Dairy in Jeff City MAKES the ice cream and serves it up in their original store. It's really quite the Jefferson City tradition. So much so that if passing through or even near, folks tend make a "Central Dairy stop". Seeing 2005 SilverBox bride Christie Losapio [or is it Everett? now?? -- she and sister Jennie will forever be the Losapio sisters to Kim & me. We've shot both their weddings. LOVE those Losapios...would that be Losapii??]....back on the (side)track now...Christie & Tom spent the weekend camping and were, sure enough, dropping by for a Central Dairy fix. Former clients feel so much like friends! [Kim, how lucky are we to do this AS A JOB?]

Next stop for Chris & Garrett was their ceremony at a charming church campground at which Garrett's brother Taylor played the MARIMBA. Have you ever heard a marimba?? Oh my, oh my. Breathtaking. It's as if you're hearing nature sing. There's an organic and rich quality to the sound...and LOOK BELOW at Stacie's amazing marimba picture!

and then BUBBLES...the longest, most successful bubble path I've ever documented. It seemed a perfect day. Keep checking Pictage, once they're back from their honeymoon and have a chance to see and "release" their online event you can share in the fun.

Phil & Cody, Mark & Ashley, and Garrett & Chris -- each of your weddings were as wonderfully unique as you are. I so appreciate having had the chance to document your celebrations. Thanks to each of you. For entrusting me, yes, but also for the extra patience I seem to require this time of year.

and now for me, it's back to work ~ amy