found moments and found locations

There is an addictive buzz (similar perhaps to what an avid collector of found objects . . . like seashells, old records, antique doorknobs . . . or whatever . . . must feel) to photographing weddings in the photojournalistic style. I am addicted to the adrenaline rush, the combination of luck + skill, the very CHANCE that I may soon see and document another "found moment" -- those moments that happen without photographer interference or direction . . . that happen often without the subject even knowing that he or she is being photographed in that instant (what's the saying . . . "dance like no one is watching" . . .? ). It's what thrills me throughout each wedding day and even afterwards, during the time-consuming post-processing of each wedding's images.

Here are a few of those "found moments" that were thrilling to see as they unfolded at Brooke and Aaron's lovely wedding:
~Brooke, fully immersed, at every moment, in the joy of her wedding day:~wedding dress lace and Brooke's toes scrunching into the shag carpeting of her childhood home:~laughing with a friend who also happens to be talented with make-up:~the proud, loving look of Brooke's grandmother:~friends' hands (friends! . . . one couldn't get into this wedding dress . . . or through life . . . without them!)~and one of my FAVORITES! Brooke, coming down the stairs, greets and hugs her grandfather-in-law-to-be as he enters the church . . . how thrilling to find myself at the TOP of these stairs with my wide angle lens in place at just this moment:~a found moment by Ashley, who assisted that day. Can you just feel the anticipation as Brooke and attendants wait for their walk down the aisle to begin?~and these next 3 ceremony shots -- Brooke and Aaron soaking up this moment with one another:~Aaron's father, looking at his new daughter-in-law as he officiates the ceremony, so full of emotion that speech is difficult:~and Brooke's mother, equally emotional as she reaches to hug her new son-in-law . . . take a close look at the expressions on her and Aaron's faces as they move towards one another:~the ringbearer in his own bubble-catching world:~and Brooke, just married and laughing out loud:And now . . . perhaps equally as thrilling to me as "found moments" are "found locations" -- those little spots that provide inspiration and backdrop to magazine fashion-influenced images where there IS direction from the photographer in the posing and the dynamics between the individuals being photographed. Brooke & Aaron's wedding was just south of Boonvile in Billingsville, a teeny, tiny town in a rural part of Missouri . . .What a delight to discover a big red barn and an old machine shed right across the street from the church:~and a gravel road that leads from the church to Brook's folks' home:~and while you will rarely see traditional interior church bridals and altar shots on this blog and our website (since we opt for more authentic photojournalist images with natural light and settings), we do make exceptions! When the church is so intimate and lovely, when its stained glass windows are aglow with light, when a family has been an active, integral part of that church for generations, and when it's a humid, sweltering 95+ degrees outside . . . we go for it:~and sometimes that "found location" is simply a stairwell ablaze with October light and a beautiful bride:There's lots more to see! Click on Brooke & Aaron's Wedding Highlights Slideshow for more photos set to the song they chose for their first dance.

And Brooke & Aaron, congratulations on a lovely start to your marriage! And your wedding album design is ready; click here to see it!