flash! BAM!! 'cott-N-candy HITCHED!

sing with me now . . .

I feel the earth - move - under my feet
I feel the sky tum-b-ling down - (tum-b-ling down!)
I feel my heart start trem-b-ling . . .

~ so THAT song [carole king?] -- VERY tempting.
carole is singing about how she feels whenever "you're" (her Lover?) "around" ~ right?
BUT even when i (as in me, myself + i) was anywhere near the two of them . . . like when i was across the room from candy + scott, or across the tent from candy + scott, across the beach, across the lawn, i swear I COULD FEEL THE EARTH MOVE because of the connection between THEM. thus, we're definitely beyond carole king, here.
scott + candy's chemistry together as well as their passion for life.
it's down right ELECTRIFYING!
thus THAT SONG that "you electrify me" hilary scott original, THAT nearly became the 'cott-N-candy soundtrack for this BRAND-SPANKING NEW, LONG AWAITED FOR CANDY + SCOTT SLIDESHOW.
but . . .
note quite
though you should absolutely buy a hilary scott CD if you don't already have several in your collection (hilary clips HERE)
YOU'LL DEFINITELY WANT TO NOTE THIS GUY ~ a vocalist we've recently discovered (this time a jazz singer, specifically a cabaret type sound out of San Francisco) ~ and are excited to share with you. [drumroll please] AND THIS LINE, THE
flash - bam! - A L L A K H A Z A M . . .

well, with THAT, vocalist Shawn Ryan had us at hello.

can you say T-I-M-B-E-R, baby?!

unforgettable beauty - energy - passion - people.

WOW was i ever lucky to get the chance to document scott + candy's otter rock, oregon wedding.
PLUS ~ i think i saw a WHALE out there in the water (yep, 3!)
and the FLOWERS ~ geez louise they were like SCIENCE-FICTION flowers they were so big + bright. and it dawned on me: extended growing season! compared to missouri buds, oregon flowers don't get scourched in the summer nor do they have to endure the deep freeze of winter. just look what results:

ok, back to NEWS OF THEIR SLIDESHOW and this fabulous SHAWN RYAN song (click here for more of Shawn's stuff) ~ WELL, you'll hear this song a FEW times during the slideshow***
i simply couldn't cut down the number of images any more . . . there's a lot of story to tell!
and since we're so smitten with mr. shawn ryan's sound (had you heard of him?) and since SilverBox has shawn's explicit permission to share his music with YOU via the Silver Lining, just think of candy + scott's show as the extended dance mix. [and in case you missed it, don't forget check out shawn ryan HERE!]

this resort (the inn at otter crest) was FABULOUS! ~ the rooms are all ocean-front and no kidding, pretty much built into the side of an ocean-hugging cliff. i was SO IMPRESSED with their staff. esp. their young, talented, bride-focused event director, ms. anna linder.

right before 'cott-N-candy's wedding, the the WIND on the point became downright wicked ~ literally pulling chairs up off the ground minutes before the outdoor-ceremony-overlooking-the-ocean was to start.
hmmmm.....what to do?

move the ceremony under the reception tent?
well, that might be an option for some.

candy + scott however, opted to have everyone huddle close together as their wedding party dashed through the crowd. and anna linder was right there saying "whatever you want, we can make it happen." (WOW ~ just the words you want from your catering +events team, let me tell ya!)

candy's dad was the primary officiant and cut right to the chase....right to the "do you" part and "take this ring"


i can't imagine a ceremony more energy-filled nor one that is more of a reflection of the couple than this wedding. WOW!!! one very cool thing about digital capture is the meta-data that's saved along with the image. candy and scott's ceremony lasted not quite SIX minutes and there was more cheering than you hear at a pep rally. really. there was running, jumping, KISSING!, clapping + cheering. add in a healthy dose of the elements. all in all ~ it was WONDERFUL. it did not go according to plan. (and that bride was nearly blown away by it all!) it was however, EVEN MORE PERFECT!

a few more images to share:

oh how extra cute extra cute kids make a classic wedding party shot:

i spent a summer in denmark when i was in high school (i was an exchange student with YFU ~ KIM WADE, however, may have studied abroad with AFS?? and avery's year abroad is facilitated by INTRAX, formerly AYUSA -- just making sure they all get equal air time :D) ~ now where was i going with this?
oh yeah, pretty much all DANISH boys looks JUST LIKE THIS. white blond hair, big blue eyes and SUCH kissable cheeks. can't resist sharing this one, too:

and a moment i'm so proud to have caught:
pictures of couples ENTERING a reception are esp. tricky ~ sure love how this one turned out! (the result of panning, the same technique i learned as a 9 year old when trying to take pictures of kids riding bikes ~ it magically keeps the subect in focus but lends a bit of a blur to everyone else to communicate the sense of the "rushing through time + place" thing . . .
here are scott's grandparents with newest addition.
another real reception moment with real love:

high winds and whipping sand (i have greater appreciation for effects of "sand blasting" now) made beach pictures a bit of a challenge, but we got some pretty cute stuff. an example of such cuteness:

lastly there are two people more people who went above-and-beyond in keeping me, well, grounded.
BIG THANKS to assistant shooter amanda long (formerly from corvallis ~ but now LIVING + WORKING as a photographer in SEATTLE!) and butler-family-friend and wedding planner extraordinaire kathy davis, both of whom you can see here (and since there aren't enough kind words for the fabulous anna linder, wanted to point out where she is in the image, too ;D)


re: the above picture

this all happened so fast, i'm not quite sure what amanda + kathy are up to in this shot.
my guess is that with lightening-quick reflexes they caught + secured candy's nearly-blown-away-veil.
now that's a super-power!

THANKS SO MUCH candy + scott (oh, and thank you thank you, thank you!!!!! to their families) and a special this couldn't-have-happened-without-you amanda, anna + kathy. what fun!!!! and WHAT A FUN wedding party!!!! the bridesmaids are mostly married, the groomsmen, however, well my fingers crossed that when they find the "flash, boom, bam , allakazam", they call SilverBox to document the moments ~ we're certain the moments will be many and will be take-your-breath-away-amazing.

good people have good friends, THIS we now for sure.

it would be so wise of me to proofread all of this, but am thinking i'll throw caution to the wind, hit send and just hit the hay instead.
ENJOY candy + scott! (and all!!)

thanks for taking a look!
***because this slideshow is big, it may take awhile to load.
[but whoa it will so be worth your patience].

amy enderle

ok, one last PS:

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