field(s) of dreams . . .

Scott's only in town for a few days ~ and for a few of those few, Kim and I will be in Oregon, so TODAY was THE day; and whoa! did we get lucky. First with the weather. And second: look what we spied down the lane from Jodi's parent''s place:
Amazing, eh?
Tall, fluffy, unfenced, unintimidating and cool looking in b&w, too!
What a fun way to spend a late afternoon!
Look HOW cute Scott + Jodi are together and note, too, how successful we were at finding a tree with some color.
Some years, finding Fall foliage is an easy task; others (like this one) it takes a bit more effort.
Kim's "couple creations" have inspired me to give the "pulling-my-Love-reluctantly-along" images a shot. Pretty fun!

From roadside to dugout....
Scott's a baseball player and creating a few images at the ballpark was Jodi's winning idea. We seemed to arrive at just the right time...LOVING these loooong shadows:

Today's images were just so fun that I couldn't help but pull a quick slideshow together...take a look if you get a chance.
And Jodi and Scott, thank you, thank you, thank you ~ hope you had half as much fun today as I did.
Sweet dreams!

~amy enderle
SilverBox Photographers