farrah + gus :: engaged AND fabulous! (Jefferson City engagement session by Silverbox Photographers)

mmmmmmm........what an I D E A - R I C H engagement shoot :-) Photobucket "what about a picture that looks like we're making out in the back of my old tahoe?" suggest gus with a wink. Photobucket [CHECK]

"...and one at the office" he continued Photobucket [love it!] Photobucket "and early on our first moment was when i brushed her hair out of her face..." Photobucket [oh baby] Photobucket [oh yeah...] Photobucket annika and i actually first met up with farrah + gus at their mid-century modern perfectomondo pink house Photobucket [and yes, YES, their furniture -- and their dogs! -- this cute:] PhotobucketPhotobucket what a hoot! Photobucket but wait there's more! -- the wedding celebration set for new year's eve, in the capitol itself and farrah makes martha stewart look like a frumpy old gal all out of fresh ideas. we simply cannot wait to capture all the yummy goodness. for their "first encounter" on their wedding day, farrah's dad is going to walk her down these rotunda steps.... and we're not the only one's looking forward to it ;) Photobucket hip hip hooray, it's a most wonderful day, amy -