family focus . . .

[today's post brought to you by the Letter F]

Family Fun!
a Few Favorites From the Fulcher-Family-shoot.

F u n n y .

F r e s h .
Four Fabulous Females:

Faintly Freckled Fair-maidens:

Field-Frolicking (?)(?)

+ Figuring out the Frame-within-the-Frame Formula, too
[see Felton-Bettis Family For more]

Far-and-away, Fantatic!!!

Follow along Frame by Frame (Found by clicking here!) It's the Fulture-Family-Film Featruing Fabulous Folksy Free-verse. (am so so FOND of this Fine, Fine no-Frills song. a new quirky Favorite! . . . with some French??)
Feeling Fortunate!
amy enderle

and Focused on THIS, too -- time Flies; check back soon :)