f u g u e

fugue: NOUN. etymology: from Latin, flight
1. musical composition with repeating themes, [or, more colorfully:]
2. a disturbed state of consciousness in which the one affected seems to perform acts in full awareness but upon recovery cannot recollect the acts performed

It dawned on me last night as I was walking into Columbia's Blue Fugue to hear Sometimes Three play (www.sometimesthree.com)

that I had absolutely no idea what FUGUE meant.
So I asked around.
Whew! the collective imagination (and persuasive lies) of friends & strangers.
No one was more convincing with their definition than Josh, [S]3 guitarist, who started to explain, in great detail, the characteristics of The Fugue as a winged mythical creature.
I was totally buying it.
Till Parker interrupted saying "you're making this up." Does it mark me a geek that I came home & looked it up? -- now wait a minute, just used the online dictionary as I glanced thru email....hmmm, that doesn't discount it, does it??

Regardless of whether or not YOU know [knew!?] the meaning of FUGUE, they sounded great AND you can now find Sometimes Three

on iTunes.

Kim and I DIDN'T bring cameras, and then I felt guilty, but look, LOOK, I took these pictures WITH MY PHONE & thanks to BlueTooth sucked it right into the Mac without a corded connection in sight.

Still giddy about that!

[okay, okay....perhaps a geek in a charming, fun-to-be-around sort of way??] ~ amy

P.S. an after-thought EDIT:
...you know, maybe it was Mike, [S]3 drummer who spoke of winged mythical creatures....
Come on, they all [re: good-looking & talented musicans] look alike!?
Or was it that last cosmo with the cucumber creating the haze? Cucumber? ~ am SURE I'm not mistaken about that one, were they out of limes or is it like a signture statement. hmmm....