Eryn & Mick ~ just right!

Spent a few hours today...get this: catch & release trout fishing at the park (with Tycho ~ thanks to a community clinic hosted by area fishermen.)
At nearly the same time, Kim and Sophie (with Avery getting a chance to hang out at Kim & David's & help out) made 4 pumpkin pies ~ from scratch!
Where am I going with all this?

We're beginning to catch our breath, I think.
Which means FUN and CREATIVE stuff is on the way.

Eryn and Mick were married in September at one of the most magnificent churches in the area. The light in the church on Westminster's Campus is unparalleled. The church was actually (re)built by Sir Christopher Wren in England in the 1600s and then moved across the Atlantic piece by piece and rebuilt on Westminster's campus. "What could be more beautiful than light?" said Wren. Sir Wren hit the mark with that statement AND this creation. Amazing.

Mick is a history teacher at Rockhurst High School and marrying in such a historic place seemed just right. In fact, so much about their wedding day seemed Just Right....from the weather, to Eryn's dress (which both her mom & aunt had worn ~ but Eryn had redesigned with one of the most beautiful necklines I've ever seen), to the apple pie that accompanied dinner.

A lovely wedding weekend for a genuinely lovely couple. Four of my favorite memories:

1. Eryn's dad getting so caught up in the filming & photographing of the rehearsal that he almost forgot to hand off the cameras and walk his daughter down the aisle. So cute!

2. The sun setting Friday night over the Missouri river while Eyrn & Mick and their closest friends and family members sat & talked & laughed outside of the Les Bourgeois A-frame.

3. Eryn's absolutely adorable niece and nephew. Being near these two was such a delight!

4. THIS SONG: how fun & festive! ~ having it play while hugging ceremony guests...again....JUST RIGHT.

ENJOY THE SHOW : Mick & Eryn's wedding album

~ amy enderle