Engagement shoots are the BEST

Love those DATING years. Oh, how I wish there was a picture of Paul & I together during thd Dating Phase of our relationship. I guess the time that you're engaged is MUCH beyond the "dating phase", really. It's dating phase with the knowledge/glow of THIS is THE one! Right here. With ME!!

An engagement shoot is part of each SilverBox Wedding package. We LOVE shooting them. Really lets us get to know our couples PLUS we're creating images that conveys how you feel about each other. It's not true photojournalism since we're creating an "event" that brings us together...but there is this fabulous lifestyle portraiture element that keeps Kim & I are our toes and in love with our jobs. All our our e-shoots are on-location. We ask couples to identify places that have meaning to them and to their relationship so that the images are in context.

Katie & Gunther were quite upfront in that they cared less about the WHERE to take engagement photos and more about the WITH WHOM. They each had Dog in their life before they found each other. Thus, a blended family is in the works.

Confession: my motivation for putting this slideshow together came in part because I think this is SUCH a fun song. BONUS: vocals mention LAKE [see setting], the "LET'S GET MARRIED" declaration, and even, of course, HOTEL. Which, in a fun way, is part of the Katie-Gunther Story. BUT history revealed on an engagement shoot, STAYS at the shoot. So, though I'll refrain from giving any more Katie-Gunther-early-dating details, I can let you look at KATIE and GUNTHER's SLIDESHOW.

Getting their four-legged friends in position, whew....Yet spending an hour with the two of them: fabulous! Can't wait till the wedding. ~ amy