emily + ben :: golden!

here's what i know.

anyone who calls saying the words "tim snyder + alex fey" . . . good as gold!

tim + alex are our wonderful "nuts for each other" couple. 
simply put:  they make our heart sing! 
thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, alex and tim for leading yet another great couple our way!
[special notes:  emily + alex had been in MU's nursing program together.
earlier in the month i'd gotten to know tad + baba during our kansas city loose park/plaza engagement session 
and COMING SOON! you'll meet matt (tim's cousin) + jonica via a slideshow of our recent st. louis shoot.]

it was mizzou homecoming (which means my kids had candy from the parade stuffed in every pocket) 
and ben + emily made their way back to town 
(and even agreed to miss the game so that we could shoot during the golden hour.)

emily + ben:  so wonderful to work with! sooo kind!!!!
[ KIND being the common trait found among friends of alex and tim's. ] **
campus was alive as gold shirts rushed past on their way to the stadium. 
skies were blue, the grass green, the trees a brilliant shade of yellow. 
and all that color might just make THIS one of my favorite "at the columns" shots ever.

what fun it was getting to know ben + emily while seeking out interesting angles.
angles like THESE!

and CLICK HERE (highlighted names in the silver lining are always intended to be a hot link to somewhere)
to see EVEN MORE!

and oh! look, we did "sort of" make it "by" the game, see:

wow you two, hats off to you! 
you REALLY went above and beyond to make this shoot happen
and when we see these images, oh we're so delighted you did!
have a great week, everyone!
~amy enderle
PS special thanks to thom howard for the music for ben + emily's slideshow!!
** we'd be remiss not to mention from the get go that it's 
THANKS TO CHRISTINA CROWE (and the whole wrenn-crowe gang) that we even had the chance to meet alex fey.
which means that once again we have to wonder, 
would there even BE a SilverBox without the Losapio women and Mrs. Tracy (wrenn) Crowe?