emily, ben + blue skies

love was all around at emily + ben's washington, missouri wedding. in the bubbling-with-happiness-congregation of the historic church they both grew up in; between these two lovely families

certainly between the two of them! [ we just love ceremony moments like this . . . ]

ok, and this

and this:

and of course the love (and humor!) between old friends

i'd post a hundred pictures if i went on about ben + emily's blue-sky moments, so it might be more fun for you to just click here and watch their highlight slideshow instead :)

it was my first time in washington, and i was simply smitten. [ how fun to post this from germany about a german-rooted town! ] what is it about river towns? ~ not only have we meet kind and warm families in river towns (booneville comes immediately to mind ~ oh and glasgow. gosh we love that aholt clan!) but often families go back generations. and there's just something about driving into town, looking out toward the horizon and seeing that church steeple higher than anything else. st. francis borgia was built in the mid 1800s. for missouri, 150+ year-old buildings are quite old. (how odd that must be for our european friends, who can order coffee in buildings that can date back 500 years to read) what a wonderful and happy celebration from start to finish and big thanks to annika miller for, once again, simply excellent shooting, insight, perspective, and company, too. kim and i fly home in a few hours. young annika however, has several more weeks of european backpacking planned. it was a joyful day! maybe there's no better ending then this series of pictures that annika made of emily. how could we not just love them -- both! (meaning annika and emilly...and wait, of course we love ben, too , , , and we love these pictures . . . and oh, i'm no longer making any sense and last-minute packing + snoozing calls.

cheerio ~ amy PS seen this slideshow yet??