Easter Riddles; OSP Indy and love = making pictures

more pics than words;

see above, clockwise:
a. the Bunny found us!
b. i made a very cool breakfast!!
c. paul found a few devilishly good egg hiding places :)

At our house, E.B. is a Riddler;
and a rhyming riddler at that!
to figure out the COLOR of eggs you need to go out and look for and even the NUMBER of eggs that await you, you've gotta work through the CLUES!
above, Zoe, 3rd grader is learning multiplication tables; so that seemed essential; 
Avery, on the other hand, is taking both Art and Geometry (her note from the Bunny read
 "no primary colors for you, secondary will have to do, but with each prime, just add blue" 
(Know the color of HER eggs?)
.....it's a pinky-swear: our kids love this "uncovering" part as much as the chocolate:)

tycho's note follows;
crazy that the Bunny knows so much about his NFL feelings, don't you think ;) -- his BEST shoes are "like dad's" -- nike huaraches ....wanna figure out what color they are based on the REST of the info??

*Tycho, your very best shoes are your key to the 2 colors that this year YOUR eggs will be.
Having trouble? Thank "snowman nose" or the only good thing about those Broncos!

also note, it was ME the non-cook who made (from scratch, thank you very much) Eggs Benedict yet
Zoe said, "you know, i think this is better at the Upper Crust" (hmmmmmpft, it's a good thing i love Upper Crust Downtown owner adam guy so much!) ok...i'm ALMOST over it.....
then easter night, kim packed her stuff and i grabbed things here b/c we pulled out of town first thing Monday....
with the first thing we packed being our DAUGHTERS...
OSP-INDY was a good time!

when the girls were asked to model for the difficult-venue-lighting session, zoe was determined go out and find matching outfits; and LOOK, these were within a few block of the hotel (the OMNI SEVERIN in downtown Indianapolis and boy was our service top notch!)

OSP stands for Open Source Photography and is made up of a great group of photographers who believe that sharing and giving is good, ultimately, for everyone....and wow! the gifts of time + talent by OSP-Indy organizers (including two of our fa----a---a-a-a--v-orite photographers ever: see Turtle Pond and feel the fun and goodness just seeping through) is inspiring.

Here's an image from night skyline lighting session led by Anne Ruthman.
It's of 2 very cool photographers who braved bone chilling temps while the rest of us collaborated, talking of things such as how much ambient vs. off camera flash we'd prefer.

Model Photographers (in so many ways!!), Brandy + Sticky were such fun to meet. And our girls are STILL having such fun with Sticky's name. ("Sticky like covered with sap or rolled in syrup?" asked little Sophie Bones)

and here's somethiing zoe and sophie loved even more than the Indy Children's Museum:
coming to OSP from Chattanooga, TN, lil miss Graycen Nudd:
whose inspiring parents, BTW, may have about the greatest christmas card series EVER (you've gotta see these!)

sheesh, what a segue . . .
perhaps my most beloved photographer's x-mas card of ALL TIME is from a photographer who was SURE ENOUGH able to make it out one night in Indy....we met Bobbi (of Bobbi + Mike) and so many of these wonderful Indy-area people last year at the Zack Aras ONE-LIGHT workshop (held AT Turtle Pond headquarters) and anyway, could I make this any more confusing??

final note (a silly excuse personally; a great OSP-raises-the-bar in so many ways example) : its probably THIS CARD:
that i saw on Bobbi+Mike's blog that set such a high standard that I never got around to sending our own holiday wishes this year; we just weren't up to being quite this cute...
ridiculous, yes....and wow does that add the pressure for next year.....

hmmm, what would The Bunny do??

PS all kidding aside; open-source get-togethers; open-source sharing, yep it raises the standards, the outputs, the abilities of us ALL....plus, whew; fun crew!