doug + sherri: "dancing-in-the-fountain" in LOVE!

WOW am I glad doug and sherri chose SilverBox! You know that saying: "life happens when you're making plans"? sherri and doug's photo session flowed just like that. We met in downtown Columbia for a picture-making walkabout engagement session. Just before we set out, I asked: "hey, do you guys have any ideas. . . anything in particular you want to do?" And oh boy did they have ideas!

a brick street for starters:
...they love an urban grunge look, so we found this funky garage door:

...a green wall (that, I kid you not!) had the word "engagement" on it....
...brick buildings

...alleyways with old fences and fire escapes....

...and then a trip out to Les Bourgeois' vineyards

....and back to columbia for some splashing in the Flat Branch Park fountain

by the way, there is something wonderfully endearing about a guy (guys take note!) who is in love and not afraid to show it! (am i right, gals?!) doug is one of those guys...and no wonder...sherri is about as lovely and sweet as lovely and sweet gets:
our downtown columbia excursion had me falling in love with columbia all over again AND with doug and sherri. doug, by the way, works at Millers Professional Imaging. We LOVE Millers. Knowing that doug (and sherri!) are passionate about pictures AND that doug works on pictures from the best photographers in the country makes us all the more excited that they chose SilverBox to document their day. (And did you know that you too can have your pictures printed at Millers via

oh, and doug + sherri's slideshow song, Cherry Street Scramble, is another Thom Howard song! Wondering why I chose it? Cherry Street was one of the streets we wandered across during our columbia photo adventure. Have i said it yet? Click on the slideshow to see it all!