doing VERY COOL things with paper

this is 2 part, sharing.

the FIRST . . .  oh we're SO PROUD OF OUR FRIEND BROOKE GOANS of Originals Paper Art
Brooke makes the Most Amazing things...out of PAPER and NOW; she has joined the Blogging World

And LOOK Brooke's including snapshots and her DESIGNS + creations!
like THIS; the way she presented Christmas Gift Cards! -- whoa:

Take a look at SnapShots from the Design Studio and send her a warm hello! 

AND, the SECOND . . .
found this in my inbox!
the Hirshhorn was perhaps OUR FAVORITE excursions when last year Avery and I spent her 13th b-day in DC (this links to my favorite ever slideshow!)  

with coolest of friends Jena + Brian (who have since relocated to Portland; whoo-hoo, more friends in fabulous places = MUST visit) and Tracey + Mark (who have since bought a different cool old house in the DC area I can't wait to see; again = MUST VISIT)

the Hirshhorn challenge:  
one piece of paper; what can you do with it??? 
a few of my favorites below:

CORRECTED TO READ:  oops; not finding validation of this being a Hirshhorn contest; instead here is where you can find more: