destination wedding: mid-Missouri!

[album link no longer available]  What a treat to photograph Kimberly & Geoffrey's wedding! Being a Missouri girl through and through, I loved their choices of locations to give their guests a true Missouri experience:

- Friday's Welcome Dinner at Kimberly's folks' home with a taste of several mid-Missouri goodies (Show Me barbecue sauce, Shake's frozen custard...) - a ceremony at The Church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury on Westminster College's campus (the light-filled, airy church designed by Christopher Wren that was re-erected as a memorial to Winston Churchill in Fulton after being damaged in London during WWII) - a feast on the blufftop at Les Bourgeois winery (ok, we ended up inside the winery with the views of the Missouri River obscured by a massive rainstorm), but you know, looking back through these pictures, I think the rain added to the warmth and coziness of the day. And Kimberly, wow did you impress me with your grace and good humor! I will always remember your reaction to the prospect of getting from the church to the bus amidst this downpour on your wedding day: you laughed in the doorway, grabbed your guy and an umbrella and plunged into the rain, pausing en route to give your respects to Winston. That was class and Missouri-style grit!

While I doubt you're getting homesick yet...I'm hoping, Kimberly & Geoffrey, that you get a chance to see this album while you're still honeymooning (are there cybercafes in the Vatican? a parisian cafe?)

All the best ~kim