destination: sand, sun and starfish ~ susi + david's wedding in the bahamas

Here's a love story for you: Susi . . . a mid-missouri gal, full of smarts AND talent AND kind-heartedness, heads to New York on a career-building quest but finds so much more . . . she finds David!

"true story!" as my 9-year old son used to say as a toddler. And here's what happened next: they were married at The Westin's Our Lucaya Resort on Grand Bahama Island last week and we've got the pictures to prove it! :') (hey, check out susi + david's SLIDESHOW to see just how beautiful it was!)
And yes, Susi and David took SilverBox Photographers WITH them! They wanted a much more personalized and thorough documentation of their wedding and ALL it's festivities than they would get with a resort's standard photography package. Their priorities were so clear: a loving, intimate, wonderful time with family and friends . . . and all of it captured in pictures!

And wow, was Susi and David's wedding FANTASTIC! It got me thinking: what ARE the elements that make each wedding special? What are we as wedding photographers hoping to document with each and every wedding . . . we're storytellers, so what makes up each wedding's story?!

Ok, here's what's on my list at the moment (weigh in folks! what else goes on this list?!):
~ the unique character of each wedding's setting
~ emotionally-rich "found moments"
~ the beautiful faces of loved ones
~ all the wonderful details
~ light (this really dramatizes every element, but it seems to need its own category)
~ and "editorial images" (in other words, having a bit of fun and creative license with the bride and groom in those "found locations")

in no particular order, here's "the list" illustrated according to susi + david's wedding:

1. LUMINOUS LIGHT! mmmm, do i love this image! the light through the leaves and on susi's veil...the looks on both their faces...the framing of the bamboo poll and leaf
2. their wedding's dramatically beautiful setting

3. EMOTIONALLY-RICH found moments (we talked about "found moments" in an earlier post . . . those moments that unfold in front of the camera's lens without the photographer's direction or interference) . . . here are a few from Susi + David's wedding . . . at the rehearsal barbecue the night before:

and on the day of their wedding . . . moments rich with anticipation, nervousness, pleasure:

the look on Susi's mother's face of (?!). . . (boy, we can all feel and know this look . . . but what words do you put to it?)
moments of pure joy and celebration

and one that I especially love . . . David's first moment with his new bride4. the beautiful faces of susi's and david's loved ones, young and old

(this sweet little guy below apparently asked, as susi was walking down the aisle toward david and his groomsmen: "does she have to pick one now?") p.s. yes, she did, and she picked...DAVID!

5. details, details, details (boy did susi put her planning skills and creativity into these!)

(look how sexy and simple this dress detail is!)(and this detail shot of David putting the ring onto susi's hand is one of my favorites . . . we're able to see both her engagement ring and the wedding ring poised in his fingers)
6. and the images created in "found locations" . . . images that were at least partially photographer-directed . . . while amy and I are primarily wedding photojournalists, we also love collaborating with a couple to create fashion- and location-inspired images:

Many many thanks to susi and david and their families: you all were a JOY to work with. Can we do it again?!!!!

Take a look at susi + davids' wedding slideshow. They just shared this slideshow with their guests at a reception in Missouri last night (i've waited until today to post this show to keep it a surprise until all their guests had seen). But now, here it is for everyone!