corinne + russ :: married at harmonie church & cedar lake cellars ~ wedding photography by SilverBox


remember corinne and russ from their engagement session in pittsburgh? well, they're married now AND they're moving back to columbia! there's so much to love about corinne + russ's wedding that it's best done in a list. so here goes . . . corinne + russ's list of wedding awesomeness:

~ a skype chat with corinne's relatives from italy;

~ silk flower bouquets for corinne AND her bridesmaids hand-made by Jean, Corinne's mom!

~ a walk down the aisle of the utterly adorable Harmonie Church, established sometime prior to 1843 and lovingly well-maintained;

~ a heartfelt ceremony officiated by Corinne's grandpa;

~ cupcakes delivered personally by corinne and russ personally to each guest during the reception;

~ a sunset walk around Cedar Lake Cellars with corinne and russ for photos during the golden hour;  Cedar Lake Cellars was beautiful; i've promised david, my husband, that i'm taking him back there for a glass of wine by the lake;

~ corinne and russ's first dance on a patio outside set to live music by The Warbuckles, who performed from Cedar Lake Cellars' bandstand;

~ brothers who can jam! two of russ's brothers hopped onto the bandstand to join the The Warbuckles (an acoustic folk rock band out of St. Louis) and rocked the house (download a few of The Warbuckles' songs for free by clicking here)

~ mason jars galore.

ok, scroll down to see some of our favorite pictures, and BE SURE TO CLICK HERE for corinne + russ's wedding slideshow with music provided by . . . The Warbuckles!!!


Innsbrook, Missouri

vendors who helped make corinne + russ's wedding wonderful:

guests lodging ~ Innsbrook Resort ceremony ~ Harmonie Church reception venue ~ Cedar Lake Cellars reception music ~ The Warbuckles flowers ~ Jean, Corinne's mom! cupcakes ~ Angie Roach, Cedar Lake Cellars


~ kim