Collin & Connor Thomas :: Camdenton SR'20

Columbia, MO Senior Portraits


Double the hype for the Thomas twins! Brothers and best friends, these two have many similar interests but distinct personalities. They both work at Performance Marine Watersports at the lake and love taking customers out on the water to surf, wakeboard, and ski. These boys are athletic on the water and on land, too. Football, snow sports, skateboarding…you name it!

Collin is laid back, stylish, and loves hunting and boating. He’s a sweet big bro to his 9 yo sister and has a weakness for Nike Air Jordans.

Connor is outgoing, assertive, and artistic. He loves photography, videography, gaming, and eating unlimited dessert.

Collin & Connor Thomas :: Camdenton SR'20

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student of • Camdenton High School self-defined as •  chill, athletic, hunter   go-to accessory • a gold chain dream vacation • Alaska plans for after graduation •  military or straight to work   loves SilverBox Seniors because • My cousins pictures looked great!


student of • Camdenton High School self-defined as • intense, athletic, dreamer  last meal • a dessert buffet dream job • photographer/videographer plans for after graduation •  YWAM or straight to work   my friends and I love • gaming

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