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Columbia, MO Senior Portraits

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Sparks fly whenever you smile, Colby! She’s compassionate and has a big heart for people and animals alike. Colby loves hammocking with friends, T-Swift, and filet mignon. Her travel bucket list is endless but Denmark tops the chart. Colby can’t wait to become a Mizzou Tiger next year (and visit her dogs + cats whenever she wants!) Colby :: Tolton Catholic SR’19

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student of • Father Tolton Catholic High School self-defined as • Compassionate, stubborn, loyal weirdly passionate about • Taylor Swift "last meal" • CC’s filet mignon  travel dreams • Everywhere! But mostly Denmark love for “tons” of pets • Dogs Gracie, Silas, Riley, Hershey & cats Tony, April, Peyton, Kitten  loves SilverBox because •  My brother had a great experience! I went with him and I've known about SilverBox forever!

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