Colby :: SENIOR'11

Pearls. Mail that isn't a bill. Fortune cookies. College-ruled notebook paper. Bartlett pears. Summer vacation. Lemon soap. Hardwood floors. People who laugh at my jokes. Plane tickets. High school seniors who want me to take their picture. Or, even better, cute high school senior boys who love their momma and smile big in their senior pictures to make her oh-so-happy!  These are just a few things that I love. AND I also love that I am finally able to introduce Colby, a high school senior from Cairo High School, and our very FIRST HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR OF THE CLASS OF 2011. Colby smiled big for his mom and was willing to do anything and go anywhere that I suggested (even if that meant posing by a storage unit!).PhotobucketWhile in college I taught a photography lesson to Colby's high school art class. We learned about sun flare (shown before) so it was fun to be able to talk to Colby about the technique I was using during his session! PhotobucketWe found lots of fun locations!


PhotobucketLoved that orange shirt!


PhotobucketColby is an athlete, loves the outdoors, and hopes to go into law enforcement. Here is his law enforcement face.

PhotobucketCheck out this big smile! Clearly he was laughing at one of my jokes....

PhotobucketWe finished off our session with a trip to the shooting range because I knew Colby would love anything that revolved around one of his favorite hobbies!


Colby and his family will get to see the rest of his photos next week at his SilverBox Reveal Party!  What's that you ask?! Stay tuned. More details coming soon!!!    Shoot, if your curiosity gets the best of you why don't you just call us up and see how you and yours can have your own SilverBox Reveal Party?! I can tell you that hardwood floors, people who laugh at my jokes, and happy moms are included!


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