climbed a mountain ~ more of melissa + guy

i spent an amazing evening with melissa + guy a week or so before their wedding. it was an uplifting, give-your-spirit-wings kind of experience . . . being out in nature does that for me and being with grounded and creative people does that for me too. . . melissa + guy's engagement session was BOTH!

i've already posted melissa + guy's wedding photos (just 2 posts below this one), but ya gotta see these engagement photos too!

both melissa and guy wanted engagement pictures that weren't posed. so i suggested we just go out and photograph them doing what they love to do together: rock climbing! we made pictures from start to finish ~ getting everything ready . . .

~ and then up against the cliff . . . one person would climb while the other was on belay (i had to look that term up . . . had no idea how to spell it) . . . my heart starts pounding hard again just looking at these pictures

~ and back on top of the mountain

take a look a this slideshow to see the whole thing. and as we were packing up, we realized that i could have been hooked up to a harness too. just think of the shots i could get of melissa + guy climbing if i were dangling from the cliff too . . . amy and i will do JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to get a picture . . . so i'm game you two! call me for for a newlywed session, and we'll do it.