child- and neighbor-hood

David and I (and a yard-full of friends and neighbors) spent mother's day weekend in the best way imaginable: watching our kids perform in a full-scale, kid-written and -directed, theater production on our neighbor's back porch.

"The Revenge of Metus," a Grecco-Roman comedy, was 6th grader Dylan's second (!) homegrown production (he and his cast of buddies put on "Les Miserables" last spring). This year's "Metus" was Sophie and Elliot's very first theater performance. Thanks, Dylan + family for giving neighborhood kids this experience!

"Man," I kept thinking, "this is childhood AND neighborhood at its best!" . . . homemade curtains hanging from ropes across a corner of the porch; chairs and benches scavenged from every nook of house and yard; togas in assorted colors and wrapped every which way; kids animated; everyone laughing.

Here are a few favorite pics...and you can see a whole slideshow of "The Revenge of Metus" by clicking here...break a leg :'),

There are rumors that Dylan has inspired other neighborhood playwrights to put pencil to paper. We'll keep you posted :')