check this out . . .

makes me think that when selecting your bridal party you should first think

OK, of all my friends, who really makes me LAUGH!

am playing with this new temporary template a bit.
[ hey kim, surprise! and THANKS SO MUCH, MADELINE! ]
. . . gonna see how big we can make these photos and well, how big we like 'em.
remember that weekly reader picture game?
you'd see a close close-up of a bit of something and have to figure out just what you were looking at? -- any ideas on THIS one:
aah gosh, when the picture is THIS big, it's pretty easy, but just in case you'd like a bit more context, see:
so, indeed THIS weekend, a grand matt + elizabeth slideshow gets posted
lots more playing with our new blogger template, too.
fun times! ~ amy
mere moments after making it official: