ch-cha-changes . . .

it's through photographs we see life's growth. pull out pictures taken just 2 years ago and your kids -- or younger siblings -- tend to look so small; such youthful innocence to their face.

[looking at a picture of a toddler taken only 2 months ago and the changes can take your breath away!]

photographs richly, richly mark the passing of time. and that's today's theme:  growth and change.

EXHIBIT A: my sister (arguably one of the best hair stylists in the area) and 2 of her good friends are now in a new salon ~ though i miss the old place, how fun it is to see the new venture grow!   it's fun, too, when SilverBox dips into more of the "commercial" type assignment.  like these "come see us at the new place" postcards we created:



EXHIBIT B of change, growth (life!): i knew these 3 boys as babies BABIES i tell you.


SilverBox LOVES real-day-in-the-life documentary family work. [and oh my how amazing is kim's wade's family photojournalism below!] but on occasion we also offer "mini-sessions" too (one location; 20 minutes; photographer directed posting rather than kid-inspired imagery, but holiday card deliciousness and equally poignant.)

for those of you who don't recognize the amazing mom pictured here, SARA FOUGERE is both a remarkable caterer and an inspiration to those in her midst -- she catered avery's bon-voyage party a few years back and i STILL remember that yummy meal. since we were out in the field anyway (steps from a parking lot, mind you) how could we pass up the opportunity for a few bio shots of sara herself?!

[hmmmm...should we consider a 40-and-Fabulous mini-session?? ~ ideas galore]


AND tying the randomness together:

1. as of friday i'm sporting a very new short and wispy haircut b/c i was smitten with sara's look ~ sister carla (front of postcard) had an opening at hair therapy and in i came; (just minutes after SilverBox bride tracey wrenn crowe had left i later learned.) and when i arrived i sat down BESIDE another lovely SilverBox bride robyn walther mccullum (and held new baby london!!) ~ which reminded me of something i don't think will ever change:  MY GOODNESS HOW WE LOVE THIS TOWN!

2. friends...if YOU are would like to schedule own mini-session, ANNIKA MILLER aims to please (get in touch with annika here) -- annika's talent is jaw-dropping and everyday EVERYDAY the SilverBox girls thank our lucky stars that

a. all 3 of us live, work and play here;

b. we're on the same team; and

c. we get the joy of documenting the growth in the lives of our friends.

good things indeed!

amy (+ kim and annika, too!!!)