caroline + adam ~ st. louis wedding by silverbox photographers

a perfect day in EVERY way . . . WOW . . . wait 'til you see caroline + adam's wedding.

first, INTRODUCTIONS! silver lining readers may already know adam, owner of Columbia's Upper Crust on Elm Street:

the Upper Crust is not only a fantastic restaurant, it also caters weddings, including show-stopping cakes, like THIS ONE:

(I've been meaning to ask adam how he transported this confection perfection from columbia to st. louis?!)

and introducing adam's partner in love AND business: the gracious, BEAUTIFUL and so-very-sweet Caroline (she is

Upper Crust's event coordinator, and if you want YOUR event to run as smoothly as caroline's wedding, she's your gal!):

and you may already know the guy family, 'cause ashley (adam's sister) is a silverbox bride, and ashley's wedding

with chase patton was featured on the silver lining two and a half years ago (has it been that long?

is that possible?!). here's ashley and chase :')

both ashley and chase were in the wedding party along with ANOTHER silverbox groom, second from the right

(that's david who married jenelle almost exactly one year ago . . . HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY you two! :'):

ok, back to that perfect wedding thing . . . as photographers, we try to tell the story of your wedding day from start

to finish. we strive to nail each and every element, and with caroline and adam's wedding,

we just might have achieved it! what does that mean visually? let me show you! First, SCENE SETTERS!

we want pictures that caroline + adam can show their kids and grandkids and say: "see, that's how the

Bonhomme Presbyterian Church looked on the day we were married!" and oh, my, what a lovely church it was:

And then: authentic GETTING READY pictures . . . with emphasis on the authentic . . . real moments captured unobtrusively:

and of course PORTRAITS of you two, some (like these "first glance" pictures) natural and (mostly) unposed . . .

others, like this, gently posed (we found beautiful window light in a room of this church)

and with a purple wall like this, we couldn't resist having some creative lighting fun!

and one of my favorite wedding storytelling elements is capturing EMOTIIONALLY RICH moments during your CEREMONY.

look at caroline and adam's faces in each of these pictures . . . i'm moved all over again:

and how about TRANSITIONS?! like getting from church to reception (held at the luxurious Chase Park Plaza

just off Forest Park). Pictures like this do not just happen. Annika and I positioned ourselves in advance so that she

would be holding an off-camera flash at a 45 degree angle from both me and caroline + adam . . . we waited until

they exited, and then my pocket wizards fired the flash remotely . . . the moment was real . . . the side lighting

made it extra special:

DETAILS?! an important wedding storytelling element, and boy, did caroline and adam decorate the Chase Park Plaza

in stunning fashion! (by the way, customer service at the Plaza was outstanding . . . i'd book an event there

for that reason alone!)

and at the reception, we tell the story through CANDID, AUTHENTIC MOMENTS, those between caroline + adam

as well as with their loved ones:

case in point: this series of great pictures by annika that we're calling: "adam and the women he loves" . . .

adam with his new bride, his mom, and with sister ashley:

and another scene setter (but you figured that one out didn't you! :')

huge kudos to silverbox assistant extraordinaire, annika miller, who continues to delight and amaze us with her work;

she made many of the photos throughout this blog entry. and special thanks to the oldfield and the guy families who

trusted silverbox to photograph caroline + adam's wedding. and would it be unseemly if i BEGGED

you to click here to watch their wedding slideshow? not only are there tons more pictures. . .

but the music is performed by Hilary Scott who has a new CD out . . . i've listened to the entire CD,

and you've got to run out and get it RIGHT NOW (or at least after you'ved watched this slideshow ;')