capturing the R&R of the B&B

oh la la

...imagine waking up to a table like this:

to dive into THIS....

before sitting back to relax over here:

OR, you could always go back to your room to sit & read, perhaps here:

I only wish I could say that's what David & Kim and Paul & I have been up to lately.
Here's the nugget of truth: Kim and I DID EAT sausage links & that scrumptious blueberry french toast after photographing it (while our husbands in their offices would have been thrilled at a stale donut ~ sorry guys)

But alas, we didn't actually STAY in a room like this:

or this:

...we photographed such rooms from seemingly every angle.

What fun we had yesterday in Rocheport creating images for the Schoolhouse Bed & Breakfast.

Our goal was to create the kind of images that illustrate how amazing this place is. The Schoolhouse Bed & Breakfast WAS a real schoolhouse from about 1914 thru the early 1970s and now is the most charming inn imaginable. Each room, incredibly unique. Trying to capture the ambiance, the antiques & the artistry of the environment was both challenging & thrilling. What a refreshing change of pace for the two of us to photograph ~ imagine, not PEOPLE but PLACE. Crazy. But crazy fun. Like this image:

A number of the B&B's rooms (with names like The Graduate, The Spelling Bee, Dick & Jane's Room and Teacher's Pet) have sitting areas & whirlpool tubs. Capturing the scope & the detail got us into some interesting positions. True story: I took a picture VERY SIMILAR to these and with excitement about my found angle (feeling I was getting close to capturing the room's essence), I called out to Kim to share...

  • Amy: Kim, come look. Isn't this a GREAT perspective?!
  • Kim:'s good. BUT I'd love it even more if that back lamp was on. You know, just for that bit of extra golden glow.
  • Amy(still drying off feet): You're kidding, right?
  • Kim: Oh hey, here, I'll turn it on for you.

and wouldn't you know it...Kim was right. Having EACH of those lamps on DID make such a difference.

We're just starting to edit & post-process the images and are going back next week for some exterior & scene-setting shots, but I couldn't resist telling you how very NUTSO my business partner (ok, BOTH of us) can be.

But it's sooooo worth it.

We haven't done a great deal of commercial work, but lucky for us, we've been able to say yes to businesses we truly love. Originals Paper Art, Il Spazio, and now Schoolhouse Bed & Breakfast...great people, great places. Each independently owned and each business pursuit a reflection of their owner's aesthetic as well as their never-settle-for-less attitude. Life is good.

We're both off to the city tomorrow. Kim to St. Louis, and me to KC ~ we're in the midst of wedding season and loving every minute of it, from well, pretty much, every angle :D

thanks for taking a look!
amy enderle