brooke + jeff :: married in "Real Simple" style! ~ photographs by SilverBox

getting to explore and travel a bit around missouri (and beyond) is one of the many delights of wedding photography.

so we were excited to get a call from brooke and jeff to shoot their wedding in carrollton, missouri.

and extra bonus: they were planning to marry in the backyard of brooke's grandfather's 100+ year-old home.

but we're getting ahead of ourselves . . . FIRST, they decided to have their engagement pictures taken in carrollton, too.

so i met up with them last spring for my first ever tour of brooke and jeff's hometown:

AND brooke's grandpa's backyard . . .

OK, fast forward to wedding day. here's how the yard looked on the morning of (and hey, can you see that humming bird . . .

i was psyched to have caught THAT . . . talk about your fleeting moments :')

simple, classic, LOVELY! brooke, her mom, and all their helpers decorated the yard so beautifully

that it rivaled any wedding i've seen featured in "Real Simple Weddings"

and yet another thing i loved about brooke and jeff's wedding: a very small wedding party.

brooke's best friend was her maid of honor (and check out the front of brooke's grandpa's house):

and jeff's brother was his best man . . . once again, keeping it simple!

the gazebo was a perfect ceremony location . . .

after the ceremony we stopped at what everyone in carrollton calls the "county shed" and then a country road . . .

and then on to the reception . . .

brooke and jeff, keepin' it simple, personal AND elegant.

and the song that brooke walked down the aisle to is the song featured in their slideshow.

give it a listen and see  their entire day by clicking here on Brooke and Jeff's Wedding Day slideshow.

Congrats, you two!