brandy + aric ~ love is contagious

guess how brandy and aric met?
at a mutual friend's WEDDING, of course!

i guess the take home message is: LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS! :')

they wanted to make pictures along the trail, so we headed to rocheport . . .
soooo many things made this engagement session great

first and foremost: chemistry!

check out the chemistry between these two . . .

and the last of the fall leaves . . . dried grasses . . .

that end-of-season-let's-get-out-our-sweaters-and-scarves transition time . . .
it's energizing (for more on scarves, keep scrolling):

and rocheport itself . . . such a cool small town . . . here we are at the corner
of FIRST and CENTRAL :')

and at the rocheport general store . . . it's a sweet destination . . . just head out to

rocheport for a walk and some ice cream, wine, live music, tables inside or outside:

and on the blufftop overlooking the missouri river at sunset . . . we document lots of

weddings at this spot (Les Bourgeois' Blufftop Bistro), and you can see why. One of missouri's most BEAUTIFUL views!

check out the whole shoot by clicking here: aric + brandy's slideshow.

oh and by the way, to all you SilverBox couples still planning your wedding: aric is a FANTASTIC, hands-on DJ . . .
i doubt he'll be dj-ing at his own wedding,
but maybe at yours? :')