better together in tulsa . . .

[album link no longer available]  Documenting Jess & Jill's celebration marked a few FIRSTS for me: - my 1st time to Tulsa - 1st time to shoot a wedding without meeting face-to-face first - 1st time [in 100+ weddings] it's rained the entire time I was on location. SPECIAL NOTE on this one, though: sure can't think of a more lovely place than their ceremony site if one's going to be trapped inside for the day.

McBirney Mansion...marvelous! The Jones & Gosch families...just a hoot to be around. And speaking of good people to be around, Paul [my husband who is usually home with kids when I'm at a wedding...Zoe, age 6, has actually said "YEAH! alright!! mom's outta here for a wedding, fun times ahead, right, dad?"] Where was I going with all this? Oh yeah, Paul came along to Tulsa, too! and HE did all the equipment packing & unpacking & umbrella holding. Come to think of it, though it rained SHEETS Saturday, I don't think I even got wet. aaaah, thanks, honey!!!

Jill & Jess: what a fun and fabulous wedding!!...loved loved LOVED meeting you, your family & friends. ~ amy

ooooh, oh! PS: forgot a FIRST....Jess & Jill's is the first coffee table album i've designed... [yes, i called kim about 40 times] ... I LOVE this album, hey take a look: