Bennett :: Rock Bridge SR'19

Columbia, MO Senior Portraits

You never know what Bennett might pull out of his bag of tricks. It is guaranteed to contain at least one bow tie, a comic book, and a mixtape of old-school grooves.  Bennett's big ol' brilliant brain is capable of storing many a useless fact and all of the important stuff, too. He has a fondness for playing board games with friends. Bennett was voted most likely to whip you up a bookcase or robot built from scratch (By me. I polled myself...). He plans to study mechanical engineering and take the world by storm. Bennett :: Rock Bridge SR'19


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • Classic, witty, intelligent   most proud of • Ability to spout random facts (movie, music, pop culture)   weirdly passionate about • DC Comics and NASA and Baby-Driver "last meal" • Chicken biscuit, pepperoni pizza, potatoes and tiramisu  dream job • Jet propulsion lab (JPL) building robots loves SilverBox Seniors because • My mom says they're the best!

Annika Miller

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